Someone to Love
Directed By: Rebecca Blake

This is the video for the first single off of Bonafide. The video is kind of split into two major scenes. One being Jon with some friends and then his girl comes around. The other being Jon in the studio with Babyface. His friends are scattered throughout the studio watching and listening. Jon did admit to feeling intimidated because it was the first time he’s made a video.

Pretty Girl
Directed By: F. Gary Gray

The gist of the video is Jon looking for a lady who dropped some sketches in an elevator. Along the way, he sees the lady (much like how the song states). At the end, Jon wakes up from napping and finds the lady at his doorstep. The look on his face at the end is priceless.

Don’t Say
Directed By: Kevin Bray

This is the video for the first single off of Cool Relax. Mr. B is having a “confrontation” with his girlfriend who is played by Love and Basketball star Sanaa Lathan. It’s pretty much set in a dark room with them at a table talking back and forth. Also in the video are four different Jons playing four different instruments.

They Don’t Know
Directed By: Christopher Erskin

It’s like this: barber shop, phone call to Jon, decide to kick it with her girls, going to “The Spot” with his boys, Jon missing girl, girl seeing other guy, scene from the past in “gangster” gear, Jon sitting in a chair against a wall of pictures singing in a nice black pinstripe suit with a nice black hat and cherry red tie, Jon shows up with flowers for his girl, a nice kiss, they leave together in his car.

Are U Still Down
Directed By: Tim Story

This video would sort of be like the continuation of They Don’t Know…the sequel. I guess one can say that Jon’s conducting business about his woman. The guy he talks to turns on him and tells his girl what’s up. Then it goes to Jon and the woman chilling on the bed. Another locale of the video is Jon in a cream colored suit by an old-fashioned car.

I Do (Whatcha Say Boo)
Directed By: Tim Story and Jon B

The main concentration of the video is interracial relationships. This video depicts the years of Jon’s relationship with an African American female. They get engaged at the end and the families are happy. The message of the video is “One Love.” Jon also gets a director credit for the video.

Cool Relax
Directed By: Tim Story

It was for the remix which featured Guru of Gang Starr. It took place in the desert. The gist of the video is Jon meeting up with this woman he keeps envisioning. She’s a mirage until he finds her at the end.

Better Days
Directed By: Patrick H.

This is the remix verson of WC’s song Better Days. WC chose Jon because he wanted to give him some of that flavor he had at the time. Well, that’s according to what WC said on Oneworld Music Beat. This video kind of reminisces on the days of WC’s life, I guess. Then Jon meets up with WC and they just rock it until the end of the song.

Don’t Talk
Directed By: Marcus Raboy

This is the video for the first single off of Pleasures U Like. It’s the party, dance your butt off in a club video, which is perfect for Don’t Talk. It’s just mostly Jon having a good time in a club and then meeting a woman there. It fits perfectly with the lyrics of the song. It’s even the first time we see Jon grooving a little in his video.

Wake Up Everybody
Directed By: ??

This is a video for a group of all-star singers put together by Babyface. The video primarily focuses on the singers in the recording studio. Jon’s in the video for a few frames in the beginning and a few frames in the ending. I’d say it’s about a thirty-second appearance for Jon. But the message is positive: urging youngsters to get out and vote.

Directed By: Christopher B. Stokes

This is the first video from Jon’s album, Stronger Everyday. It’s a different side of Jon that we’ve seen than in the past. A good side. The video is very fast paced and focuses on Jon’s relationship with his woman. There are some other money scenes in the video: Jon possibly getting it on with a woman who clearly isn’t his girl, Jon and a woman getting friendly in his ride, and just Jon singing while sitting. Good job to Chris Stokes on a video very well done.