Jon B. Land is maintained by jonbfan and has newly been in existence since January 18, 2012. This is a fan site used to promote Jon B and his work.

I do not know Jon personally. Any emails sent using any of the addresses on the site are coming directly to the webmaster(s). They are not going to Jon. Any emails for Jon will be deleted.

All of the scans and captures on this site are scanned and/or captured by me. If you want to use any of the pictures, it is on an as is basis.

If you are going to use any of the scans/captures, please do these things:

1. If you use any of the scans or captures, please link back to the site using one of the buttons from the link to page.
2. Tell your visitors which pictures came from the site with a simple quote in the lines of “C/O Jon B Land.”

If you have any comments, please send an email. Thanks for stopping by and enjoy the site

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