Are U Still Down: Greatest Hits

Are U Still Down: Jon B Greatest Hits (2002)

Jon B’s fourth album, Are U Still Down: Jon B Greatest Hits, was released on March 26, 2002.

This album might have come as a surprise to some of those following Jon’s career. After releasing three albums and songs on soundtracks and whatnot, Sony came out with a greatest hits cd for Jon. This album surfaced after word broke out that Jon was looking for another label. Probably with an obligation to fulfill a contract with Sony, this album was created.

The album combines songs from Jon’s three albums. Included are some of Jon’s biggest hits like Someone to Love, They Don’t Know, Are U Still Down, and Pretty Girl. Also included are some of Jon’s songs that were featured on the Love Hurts single like Time After Time.

The album also includes two bonus tracks, All I Can Do and True Love. This cd says that there are 16 tracks altogether. But tracks 13 and 14 seem to be nothing but dead air. Are they something that we can’t hear with the naked ear or just not there at all?


1. Someone to Love
2. Pretty Girl
3. They Don’t Know
4. Are U Still Down
5. Don’t Talk
6. Cool Relax
7. Finer Things – (featuring Nas)
8. Don’t Say
9. Can We Get Down
10. Time After Time
11. Pride & Joy
12. Now That I’m With You
13. (untitled) – (hidden track)
14. (untitled) – (hidden track)
15. All I Can Do
16. True Love