Pleasures U Like

Pleasures U Like (2001)

Jon B’s third album, Pleasures U Like, was released on March 20, 2001.

The wait nearly killed the fans, but Pleasures U Like finally hit store shelves. I guess one can say that this is the second version of the original LP since Jon had to go back to the drawing board and “Do It All Again.” Much like his first two, Jon wrote and produced most of the songs. From the mouth of my sister, “He wrote every song?” Yes, Jon’s got it like that girlie. Anyway. Also much like Cool Relax, the songs on Pleasures U Like are relative to Jon’s
life or if you want a bigger term–the songs are autobiographical. In an interview about the album, Jon said, “There’s been a lot of growth. I try to give the audience that was listening to the last album, Cool Relax, pretty much the same vibe. Stylistically, I haven’t changed. I’m still trying to mix old-school soul vibes and modern R&B with hip-hop. The main difference with Pleasures U Like is there are a lot more collaborations.”

Once again, Jon got some musical help from other writers and producers. Babyface came through again. “We got together on this album and did a co-write together on the song ‘Lonely Girl’, which is a beautiful ballad. It’s a good relationship we have that we keep revisiting. We just keep that tradition going, and hopefully will continue to do so over the years.” Other producers include Joshua Thompson and the duo of Tim and Bob. Other writers amongst the work of Pleasures U Like include Joshua Thompson, Tommy Brown, Darryl Anthony Hawes, Shawn Rivera, LeDon Bishop, Ngai McGee, and David Kopp.

This time around, Jon included a lot more collaborations. On Pleasures U Like, Jon collaborated with Faith Evans, Nas, AZ, and Cuban Link. Also lending their vocals to the album were Shawn Rivera and Darryl Hawes of the group Az Yet.

Pleasures U Like is mixed with a few up-tempo songs and mostly mellow songs. At the time of its release, there were three different copies of Pleasures U Like. One didn’t have a bonus CD. The other two had a bonus CD. But each CD has its own bonus CD. So there were four extra Jon B songs going around during Pleasures U Like release. The CD with the bonus tracks were easy to obtain at Best Buy and Circuit City.


1. Interlude
2. Finer Things
3. Interlude-VibeZelect Cafe
4. Don’t Talk
5. Sof’n Sweet
6. Overjoyed
7. Boy Is Not A Man
8. Lonely Girl
9. Cocoa Brown
10. Interlude-What’s Up Boogotti?
11. All I Want is You
12. Interlude-Been Played
13. Layaway
14. Pleasures U Like
15. Now That I’m With You
16. Interlude-My Seed With You
17. Tell Me
18. Calling On You
19. Inside
20. Do It All Again

Bonus Tracks

Ain’t Nothing
All For You
What Do You Want
All I Can Do


Billboard Information
Pleasures U Like debuted at number 6 on the BB 200 and at number 3 on the BB R&B charts. (April 7, 2001)