Cool Relax

Cool Relax (1997)

Jon B’s second album, Cool Relax, was released on September 16, 1997.

If you thought Bonafide was hot, then Cool Relax must’ve blown you away. Making Cool Relax a “me” album, it took a year and six months to complete the album in which Jon took risks, musically and lyrically. Much like Bonafide, Jon wrote and produced a big majority of the songs on the album, which are relative to aspects in his life. Cool Relax is the album that put him into the spot. Jon himself said, “This album is more or less me really finding my niche and knowing where my voice is. I feel like the writing is a lot stronger on this album. The vibe is a lot tighter now. If people want to see who Jon B is, then this album is definitely the album.”

On Bonafide, Jon did most of the production, writing, etc. But for Cool Relax, Jon reached out and got a little musical love from other talented producers, writers, musicians, and singers. The Ummah, Keith Andes, David Foster the team of Tim Kelley and Bob Robinson, and Jon-John produced some tracks. Jon said in an interview, “Every producer on this album that did stuff, it felt like they all really captured me.” Lending their writing skills were Diane Warren and Babyface. Diane wrote Tu Amor. Babyface wrote Pride and Joy and Love Hurts.

Lending their vocals to the album were 2Pac (Are U Still Down), K-Ci and JoJo, Marc Nelson, After 7, up and coming singer Toni Estes, and Natie. Talented musicians that jammed on the album include Ali Shaheed Muhammad, Sheila E, Reggie Hamilton, David Elias, Michael Thompson, and Nathan East.

To commemorate his second album success, Cool Relax, They Don’t Know, and Are U Still Down were certified Platinum.


1. Shine
2. Bad Girl
3. Don’t Say
4. They Don’t Know
5. Can’t Help It
6. Cool Relax
7. Are U Still Down
8. Pride and Joy>
9. I Do (Whatcha Say Boo)
10. Let Me Know
11. I Ain’t Going Out
12. Let’s Go (Interlude)
13. Can We Get Down
14. Love Hurts
15. Tu Amor


Billboard Information

Cool Relax peaked at number 33 on the BB 200 and at number 5 on the BB R&B charts. The album remained on the charts for 59 weeks. (May 30, 1998)