Bonafide (1995)

Jon B’s debut album, Bonafide, was released on May 23, 1995.

Already into writing his own music (and working with other artists at the time), a big majority of the tracks on Bonafide were written and produced by Jon B. That’s not bad for a new artist to the scene. Jon also played several instruments like the keyboards and drums on several of the songs on the album.

Lending his magic to the album was R&B music star Babyface. Babyface contributed his writing, production, and vocal skills to Bonafide. The two collaborated on Jon’s first single, Someone To Love. Babyface also produced the sultry Pretty Girl. His co-producing credits on Bonafide include the songs Pants Off and Isn’t It Scary. Making a guest appearance on Bonafide is Veteran funkadelic soulster Bootsy Collins, who contributed to the second track, Simple Melody.

The sound of Bonafide is up-tempo dance tracks (Bonafide/Mystery 4 Two), ballads (Time After Time/Love Don’t Do), and soulful, sultry songs (Pretty Girl/Pants Off).

To commemorate his debut success, Bonafide and Someone to Love were certified Gold. There were two covers for Bonafide. The first one is the US version. The second one is the European version.


1. Bonafide
2. Simple Melody
3. Love is Candi
4. Mystery 4 Two
5. Someone to Love
6. Time After Time
7. Overflow
8. Pretty Girl
9. Pants Off
10. Isn’t It Scary
11. Burning 4 You
12. Gone Before Light
13. Love Don’t Do


Billboard Information

Bonafide hit number 1 on the BB Heatseekers charts.